• Tori Crossley

    on September 6, 2016

    Hello! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work you've done this weekend! And thank you for all of the shots of Sydney and I, especially the ones from the river on Friday night! :)

  • Koreena Stovall

    on June 9, 2016

    Mr Valvo!!!! I love your work! I enjoyed meeting you in the airport after being bored out of your mind!eh?!?! Well Obama came to town is the reason why it was "weather"!!! 😝 So, this is the flight attendant you met from Canada! You have inspired me to stick to it, since I just stared photography. God Bless Koreena Stovall

  • Anneliese Meck

    on October 29, 2015

    Dear Mr. Valvo,
    It was such a pleasure and privilege to meet you in person and to take a look through your photography galleries!
    Your work is exquisite, and the Genesee Country Museum is so fortunate to have such a dedicated, talented photographer.
    Best of luck on your project & I hope I get to see you around the village again!
    谢谢, Anneliese Meck

  • zacthephotographer

    on August 15, 2015

    Hi Dave, I just had a look at your drum corps photos and they're fantastic. I've been photographing Kidsgrove Scouts for about 5 years now but I'm marching trumpet with them this year. See you at DCA finals. All the best to you.

  • Nicole Bibeault Sutton

    on April 8, 2015

    Hello there! It was nice speaking with you today at the dance studio. You do amazing work! I love the photos and shared them with other agents in our company. Thank you for taking the time to show them to me! Nicole Sutton- Executive Concierge with Glass Slipper Concierge.

  • PhotoGuyGlavac

    on February 11, 2015

    Great work. I look forward to meeting you at the NFRCC CAN AM photo expo

  • laurenhefferon

    on January 5, 2015

    Gorgeous work Dave...and it was great to speak with you. What an honor to speak to a legend and see your gorgeous photos! I hope to see you in Argentina, Italy or anywhere there are great views

  • Batty IceGirl

    on December 3, 2014

    Hello Mr. Valvo, I don't know if you remember me, but we met last month on the canal trail and you gave me some great tips for taking photos. I appreciate the time you took to help me out! I've been out a couple more times trying to get some good pictures and have gotten a lot of compliments. Thank you so much!

  • Carl Crumley

    on April 15, 2014

    Dave, I just spent some leisure time just looking through your photos. I'm told that a photographer is judged by his worst photo. I'm still trying to find that worst photo of yours. I'm blown away with the quality of your photographs and the stories you tell with them.

  • Patti Looney

    on February 25, 2014

    Hi Dave,

    Your work is amazing. I am looking forward to your presentation at the CAN/AM next week.

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